Massive Three Way Trade Sees Two Top Players Traded

Travis Neil
December 20, 2023  (9:43 PM)

Photo credit: Reuters

A new three way trade has been brought up that sees two Canadian teams involved and two big players involved.

The Massive Trade That Sees Two Big Players Traded To New Teams

This new trade rumor sees the Canucks trading away a player they are healthy scratching in Andrei Kuzmenko. A reporter has brought to light, the Capitals have interest in Kuzmenko.
"I think Washington is a team that has looked at Kuzmenko, but I just don't see a trade possibility with them, it's not like the Canucks are going to take Anthony Mantha" - Friedman
The Canucks do not want the contract of Anthony Mantha but there is a reported team that may have interest in the Mantha contract, the Montreal Canadiens.
"No (the Canucks can't take Mantha), but the Montreal Canadiens could. He has an expiring contract this summer at 5.7 million. I would absolutely absorb his contract to add more assets." - Costa Rontzocos

No, but #GoHabsGo might. He has an expiring contract at 5.7M. I would absolutely absorb his contract to add more assets

I wouldn't acquire him as a roster player, merely just a facilitator of a deal

The Benefits For All Three Parties Involved

All three teams benefit from this trade, as it stands it would look something like this:
MONTREAL Receives: Anthony Mantha + 1st or 2nd Round Pick

WASHINGTON Receives: Andrei Kuzmenko

VANCOUVER Receives: A pick/prospect

For the Canadiens, they get more assets to build around and a potential player to bring into their young lineup.
For the Capitals, they get a young player that they want in their lineup.
For the Canucks, they get cap space to use for a player they may want to bring into the lineup to make them better.