Worrying Photo of Sergei Bobrovsky Goes Viral

Published May 15, 2023 at 12:19

Sergei Bobrovsky has been nothing short of phenomenal since he stepped in to replace Alex Lyon in the third game against the Bruins. He has nine wins in ten games, maintains a .918 SV%, and has an impressive 2.82 GAA.

Without Bobrovsky's efforts, it's fair to speculate that the Panthers might have lost to the Maple Leafs. However, a recent photograph of the goalie went viral, worrying the fans.

Worrying Photo of Sergei Bobrovsky Goes Viral

Being a goaltender is physically demanding, and no one will ever doubt it after seeing this photo of Bobrovsky.

"After a 50-save showing, Sergei Bobrovsky was losing a LOT of weight during last night's overtime win.

Bob said his weight fluctuates like crazy due to the amount of water he drinks and how much he sweats throughout games, especially during the playoffs.

He'll drink an absurd amount of water to replenish and ends up sweating almost all of it out. Needless to say, goalies are a different breed.

During an interview a couple of years ago, Andrei Vasilevskiy also mentioned how he loses 5-10 kilograms (11-22 lbs) every game."



The Russian goalie will use the time off to regulate his weight and come back at the top of his game for the next round against the Carolina Hurricanes.

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Worrying Photo of Sergei Bobrovsky Goes Viral

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