Tkachuk Reveals the Panthers Secret Strategy to Beat Toronto

Published May 10, 2023 at 11:52

The Florida Panthers have beaten all odds and now hold the Toronto Maple Leafs on the brink of being swept. This is quite the turn around from a couple of weeks ago, when Florida was down 3-1 against the Presidents Trophy winning Boston bruins in the quarterfinals. Why have they been able to dominate top teams? Matthew Tkachuk knows his answer.

Tkachuk Reveals Secret to Playoff Success

It seems like the Panthers have taken a more lighthearted approach to being in the playoffs, and this stress-free mentality has helped them win important games. Tkachuk commented on it in an interview recently.

There's no pressure on us. Why play if you can't enjoy it? We have a very serious team where guys want to do well, but in a tie game late in the third, we're enjoying it on the bench — laughing, smiling, just looking around at the moment that we're in. We're really, really enjoying it and having so much fun."

This is certainly a direct contrast to Toronto's current locker room culture, which appears to be stressful and on edge. Mitch Marner's recent interaction with a reporter is a perfect example, as the Leafs star lost his cool quite easily.

Tonight should be an interesting game, and it certainly appears as though Florida has the edge.

As Seen on Hockey Patrol - Tkachuk Reveals Why The Panthers Have Success Against The Leafs
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Tkachuk Reveals the Panthers Secret Strategy to Beat Toronto

Who will win game four?

Florida19633.9 %
Toronto38266.1 %
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