Major Trade Rumors Emerge After New Controversy Involving Evander Kane

Julien Trekker
March 7, 2024  (3:13 PM)

Evander Kane on the ice with the Edmonton Oilers
Photo credit: TSN

The controversial Oilers' forward Evander Kane is apparently causing trouble in his organization, on trade deadline's eve.

Evander Kane: An Asset or a Problem? New Conflict Emerges Between The Controversial Player and Connor McDavid


Reports suggest he's been more of a problem than an asset for the team, despite his 21 goals and 15 assists in 59 games.
Indeed, it looks like he's been causing a stir in Edmonton's locker room for months now.
A new development announced that it reached a new level recently: Kane and McDavid unfollowed each other on social media.
"Something to keep an eye on as the trade deadline approachesthe situation with Evander Kane & the #LetsGoOilers has not gone so smoothly this year.

Connor McDavid & Evander Kane have unfollowed each other on IG.

Where does this all go? We shall see but it doesn't look great for Kane yet again. They differently need him for a playoff run if the plan is Cup or bust."

Oilers to Consider Trading Kane After Securing Henrique and Carrick From the Ducks?

Kane's disrespectful behavior towards team leaders and his inconsistent attendance at practice sessions have further soured his relationship with the team. His focus seems more on personal issues than on improving team performance.
"Kane has been late to practice in recent events, he's also missed practices a number of times. He's gotten into on the bench with Leon Draisaitl as well. Kane hasn't been happy with the lack of top 6 TOI. The list of problems has bothered the team. Kane is building a new house in EDM though but the situation with him staying in EDM is not looking good long term. Stay tuned in the offseason"
With the trade deadline looming, the Oilers might be looking to offload Kane to restore team unity and possibly make room for a star defenseman.
Considering that they got a great depth forward in Adam Henrique yesterday, Kane doesn't seem to be as essential as he once was for the Oilers. However, it won't be easy for Ken Holland to move him. His reputation and his $5,125,000 AAV contract with two years left could come in the way of a potential deal.
Do you think Kane will be traded?