Report: Connor McDavid's agent ditches him for another job

Published August 3, 2023 at 11:11

New Hire in Edmonton

The Edmonton Oilers surprised everyone this morning by announcing that they have hired Jeff Jackson, a former player agent, as their new President/CEO.

"There is word this morning that player agent Jeff Jackson is joining the Edmonton Oilers in a President/CEO-type role. Specific details to come later today, but it's a big move in NHL business circles."

This decision to bring on Jackson, who was known for representing Connor McDavid, raises some questions. He used to work for the Wasserman group, a team of player agents, and now another agent from that group, Judd Muldaver, will take over as McDavid's agent.


Same Agent as Matthews

There are different ways to interpret the Oilers' move. It could be a strategic decision to strengthen the connection between McDavid and the team since they already know each other. However, the handover to Judd Muldaver might bring some complications. Muldaver also represents Auston Matthews, who has a more player-focused approach in contract discussions compared to McDavid's team-oriented approach.

With just three seasons left on McDavid's contract, the Oilers are under pressure to stay competitive and improve their roster to convince McDavid to stay with the team for a long time.

As seen on Blade of Steel - McDavid now being represented by same agent as Matthews
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Report: Connor McDavid's agent ditches him for another job

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