Justin Holl Criticizes Toronto Fans and Media Following Detroit Signing

Published July 2, 2023 at 6:23 PM
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Justin Holl Speaks Up Against Toronto as a Detroit Red Wing

Following his recent signing with the Detroit Red Wings, Justin Holl has quickly expressed his feelings about Toronto, his former hockey home. His candidness was apparent in one of his initial interviews as a member of his new team.


Holl's New Chapter with the Red Wings

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Justin Holl's journey with the Toronto Maple Leafs ended after he inked a 3-year deal with the Red Wings worth $3.4 million AAV. The defenseman had long been subjected to constant criticism in Toronto for perceived poor plays, despite performing well the majority of the time.

The Toronto media and fans often harshly scrutinized Holl, making it so one minor error would overshadow his otherwise good plays.

Holl's Response to Criticisms

Having parted ways with Toronto, Holl didn't hesitate to voice his views on the media and the fans. He made it clear that he was well aware of the negativity, and it could have contributed to his decision to leave Toronto.

Future Expectations for Holl in Detroit

As he moves on to the Detroit Red Wings, Holl is expected to assume a top four role. He is also set to help teach the younger players such as Simon Edvinsson and Axel Sandin-Pellikka, aiming to nurture their defensive strategy.


Considering his exceptional defensive skills when performing at his peak, Holl's contribution will be critical for his new team.

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