Mike Babcock's Job Could Be in Jeopardy After Illegal Actions

Julien Trekker
September 12, 2023  (11:42)

Recent reports have raised concerns about Mike Babcock's actions.

Babcock Already in Trouble?

After being away from the NHL for a few years due to controversies surrounding his coaching approach, Mike Babcock has been recruited by the Columbus Blue Jackets. The season hasn't officially started, but Babcock is already making headlines for all the wrong reasons.
In a recent episode of the podcast Spittin' Chiclets, Paul Bissonnette dropped a bombshell that has sparked a lot of discussion in the NHL community.

Unusual Methods...

Bissonnette narrated an incident which doesn't portray Babcock in a positive light.
Here's what Bissonnette revealed:
"This is outrageous. I get a text from a player. He goes, 'Have you heard what Babcock is up to again?' And I'm like, 'No.' So he gets to Columbus, and one of the first things he does is he calls in Boone Jenner, the captain of the team, and he says, 'Let me see the photos in your phone. I want to know the type of person you are.' What the hell is going on with that? Is that even legal? It feels like it's totally illegal. Come on the podcast to grill him about his antics as a head coach. Like, worry about the forecheck. Worry about your personnel. Worry about getting the power play humming at an alarming rate so you might have a slim chance of sneaking in a wild card spot.

Why do you want to see inappropriate pictures from your captain on his iPhone? I don't understand this, by the way. If I were going into one of these meetings, having heard all these stories prior, I'd be putting on Rocky quotes in my photos. I'd be showing my workout routine.

Oh, yeah. You know what I'd put on my phone? I'd be standing here in this chair, posing in a unique way, staring him right in the eyes. What's wrong with this guy? Now, I hope this story is true, because otherwise, we look like real big idiots.

But I think that Mike Babcock should come on this podcast and clear the air as to why he wants to see risqué images from Instagram in his players' phones."


A recent updates suggest that the Blue Jackets' organization is looking into these claims.
"#CBJ are aware of these allegations and looking into them. No official response yet.

Babcock and Jenner have not immediately responded to requests seeking comment."
Delving into players' personal photos seems unprofessional, to say the least. Bissonnette captures the sentiment effectively.
Do you think Babcock will be fired?