Breaking: Insider Reveals Why Valeri Nichushkin Left the Avs

Published April 25, 2023 at 12:40
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In the past few days, rumors have been swirling around Valeri Nichushkin after he was seen leaving the team with security personnel following game two.

A significant update on his situation has recently emerged.

Seravalli Reveals Why Valeri Nichushkin Left the Avs

Frank Seravalli has reported that Nichushkin was allegedly involved in an alcohol-related incident.

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"Seravalli mentioning an alcohol-related occurrence involving Valeri Nichushkin at the hotel."

The Avalanche's winger's return for upcoming games remains uncertain. However, if alcohol is indeed the issue, we can expect the Player Assistance Program to provide a statement shedding light on the matter in the next few days.

As seen on Hockey Patrol - BREAKING: Reason For Nichushkin's Mysterious Departure From the Avalanche Has Been Revealed
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