Phillip Kurashev defends Connor Bedard at world championship

Graham Montgomery
May 31, 2024  (8:19)

Chicago Blackhawks center Connor Bedard being interviewed by ESPN reporter Emily Kaplan after his first career NHL game
Photo credit: NHL

Team Canada were eliminated from the world championships by Switzerland, but Phillip Kurashev defended his teammate after the game.

Kurashev and his Swiss teammates would go on to the gold medal game where they fell to the hosts, Czechia. The competition did not prevent Kurashev for stepping up for Bedard though. He talked about how he had to face the media so much in his rookie season.
"Sometimes I felt sorry for him. He was our player who had to speak to the media most often. When it was related to our team, he was always targeted. He had meetings all the time: interviews, photo shoots and all sorts of things that I don't even know about. Even in the hotels or on the street, everyone kept wanting something from him."

Kurashev is correct though. From the draft combine to the World Championships, someone was always wanting a moment of Bedard's time.
Connor Bedard on his offseason plans once the draft is complete:

Connor Bedard interview during 2nd intermission #Blackhawks
All things considered, Bedard has handled himself quite well. He appears to be a prime candidate for the next captain of the team so it should be interesting to see when the Blackhawks will make that move, assuming that it is coming. All the experience with the media so far in his career would certainly help.
Furthermore, Bedard figures to be the best player on the team, potentially coming to rival the other superstars in the league like Auston Matthews, Connor McDavid, and Sidney Crosby.