New Details Emerge About Patrick Kane's Next Contract

Published May 24, 2023 at 5:26 PM

New Details Emerge About Kane's Next Contract

The buzz around Patrick Kane's upcoming contract has reached a new high as we approach July 1st. There's much speculation about his value, considering his past deal, which stood at a stunning $10.5 million AAV.

While he may no longer play at the smae level he was ten years ago, information from DailyFaceoff suggests that he won't be cheap.

$5.75 million AAV for Three Years?

Frank Seravalli, relies on insights from AFP Analytics to predict Kane's prospective deal. According to these projections, Kane could earn an AAV of $5.75 million for three years. Interestingly, this figure is just a modest $500K AAV increase over what fellow UFA Tyler Bertuzzi is projected to earn, based on the same metrics.

Kane's track record includes a couple of spectacular 100+ point seasons, solidifying his place in the HHoF. Last season, he managed to notch up 57 points over 73 regular-season games. Also, his playoff performance for the Rangers was impressive, almost scoring a point per game in the seven-game first-round series against the New Jersey Devils.

Where do you think he'll end up?

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New Details Emerge About Patrick Kane's Next Contract

Where do you think he'll sign?

Chicago5343.8 %
New York (Rangers)3428.1 %
New York (Islanders)1411.6 %
New Jersey2016.5 %
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