NHL Insider Provides Shocking Major Update In Corey Perry Situation

Graham Montgomery
November 29, 2023  (8:44 PM)

Ever since Corey Perry was suddenly and mysteriously absent from the Blackhawks speculation has been running rampant as to what was going on. Since then we have learned that Perry's contract has been terminated for violating a team policy. Today, NHL insider Frank Serravalli gave us new details into the events that lead to Perry's contract termination.

Serravalli: Perry's Contract Terminated After Incident Involving Alcohol At Team Event

The intimate details of the events are still unclear, but we are slowly starting to get a better idea of what went on that lead to Perry's current situation. According to Serravalli, the veteran forward was at a team event with business and sponsor partners present. He apparently took some kind of inappropriate action whilst under the influence of alcohol.
"According to sources, an alcohol-related incident involving Perry is said to have occurred during an event attended by business partners and team employees. It is still not clear exactly what happened, who witnessed it, and who reported it to the team."

Perry Rumors Proven To Be False

It seems as though the Blackhawks were very hesitant to release further details about the incident that lead to Perry's contract termination, but we are getting more information due to the rumors that have been spreading around regarding the issue. The team likely wanted to squash these rumors, but it is hard to do so without releasing specific details of the events as people will always speculate under mysterious circumstances.
As #Blackhawks terminate Corey Perry's contract, we're mostly left with more questions than answers.

Including: Given the lack of information, does Chicago have the ability to terminate a player for alleged inappropriate but not illegal conduct?
What we do know though, is that the initial rumors about this situation are categorically false and unrepresentative of Perry's character. We also now know that Perry did pass through waivers so his contract will officially be terminated by the Blackhawks.
Reportedly, other teams are still interested in Perry's services despite this recent hit to his reputation.
Perry is currently 3rd on the Blackhawks in scoring despite not playing in the team's most recent games.