Major: Sam Savoie Speaks Up For the First Time Since Scary Injury

Published October 5, 2023 at 10:56

Samuel Savoie was carried off the ice on a stretcher last Saturday. He recently addressed the public for the first time after his injury.


Savoie's Horrible Injury

During last Saturday's preseason match between the Minnesota Wild and the Chicago Blackhawks, the prospect Samuel Savoie collided with the boards and was urgently removed from the ice on a stretcher.


Afterwards, Savoie was immediately taken to the hospital where it was verified that he had fractured his femur. This bone is the longest in our body and exceptionally challenging to break. Typically, a fractured femur has a healing timeframe of 4-6 months.

Words from Savoie

Sam Savoie has recently shared his feelings and updates with the public since his traumatic incident.

Here's a translation of his heartfelt message:

"Hello everyone, this is Sam Savoie. I'm doing better as of today. The surgery went well, and my recovery is on track. I'm deeply grateful for all the warm messages and overwhelming support I've received. Thank you so much." -Samuel Savoie

It's great to know he's recuperating well and remains optimistic. We all hope he'll overcome this setback and eventually secure his spot in the NHL with the Blackhawks.

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Major: Sam Savoie Speaks Up For the First Time Since Scary Injury

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