Brad Marchand Gives Bedard Rude Welcoming To The NHL

Published October 11, 2023 at 10:44 PM

Brad Marchand wasted no time introducing Connor Bedard to his on-ice antics.

Marchand Pesters Bedard In Season Opener

Marchand appeared to have no problems targeting the 18-year-old as he got involved in a center ice scuffle with the rookie. The two players came together and Marchand made sure they didn't get separated. The encounter ended with Marchand hooking Bedard into the Bruins' bench.

Luckily, in a display of maturity and composure, Bedard appeared to be unphased by Marchand's antics. After it ended he returned to his bench peacefully.

Bedard Scores First Career Goal

It was quite the night for Bedard. Not only did he get into an interesting encounter with one of the league's best known pests, but he also scored his first career NHL goal.

It was a bit of an unusual one for a career first as it came on a wrap-around, one of the rarest types of goals in the league. That being said, it was a beautiful play and just one instance of the rookie flashing his high end skill.

The firsts did not end there though as Bedard also took his first trip to the penalty box for a trip against... Brad Marchand.

So far Bedard appears to be off to the races with a goal and an assist through his first two career games.

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Brad Marchand Gives Bedard Rude Welcoming To The NHL

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