Carolina Hurricanes have pulled out of their recent deal with star forward

Published July 7, 2023 at 11:36
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Vladimir Tarasenko's future was nearly sealed until he decided to pull out of a contract at the very last moment.

Tarasenko's Future Uncertain

Vladimir Tarasenko is currently the number one free agent on the market which has been heavily depleted since the start of free agency one week ago. However, a couple of days ago, everybody thought Tarasenko would be signing in Carolina.

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A few days later, it looks clear that Tarasenko will not be signing in Carolina considering how he hired a new agent just days after the original announcement.

The Diss

Today, NHL insider David Pagnotta went onto the NHL Network and dropped some major news regarding the situation.

Pagnotta mentions how the Hurricanes had a press release ready for the Tarasenko signing. This shows how confident they were that they were going to bring him in but unfortunately, he decided to walk out on the deal.

As seen on MarkerZone - Major Revelation About Vladimir Tarasenko Surfaces
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