Two Teams Emerge as Top Contenders for Phil Kessel

Published October 1, 2023 at 11:44

Speculation is rife that Phil Kessel is on the verge of signing a deal before the season kicks off, with whispers highlighting two teams as possible destinations.


Two Teams Emerge as Likely Destinations for Kessel

During the offseason, Kessel made it clear that he's eager to lace up for at least another season. He also noted that he's perfectly fine with taking the occasional game off and wouldn't mind a position in the bottom-six.

The buzz in the NHL hints at the Calgary Flames and the St. Louis Blues being the main contenders for Kessel's services.

Given the recent events in both franchises, roping in Kessel could be their ticket back to victory.


Joining the Flames or the Blues: Why It Makes Sense for Kessel

The Flames' young talent, Jakob Pelletier, has been sidelined due to an important shoulder injury.

Here is the hit Jakob Pelletier took. Hope he is ok!

With Pelletier on the mend and possibly out for some time, the Flames have a spot that someone of Kessel's caliber could fill, potentially driving them closer to a Stanley Cup.

Meanwhile, St. Louis has been leaning heavily on their top-six for offense. Incorporating Kessel into their lower lines could provide the boost they desperately need.

Where do you think Kessel will sign?
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Two Teams Emerge as Top Contenders for Phil Kessel

Where do you think Kessel will sign?

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Calgary714.3 %
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