Nazem Kadri Criticizes Former Coach Darryl Sutter

Published August 10, 2023 at 11:19

Nazem Kadri was a staple in Colorado's 2021-22 season cup run. That progress, however, didn't carry over to Calgary last season.

Calgary's Woes

The Calgary Flames are coming off a dreadful season in which they missed the playoffs. As a result, head Coach Darryl Sutter and GM Brad Treliving left the organization.


Sutter wasn't entirely loved by Flames players, which is demonstrated most by his relationship with star Jonathan Huberdeau. However, it seems to be that Huberdeau isn't the only one excited about a new head coach.

Kadri's Clean Slate

Recently, Kadri had this to say about his former head coach.

"I think a lot of guys on the team are ready to kind of play to their potential."

"For whatever reason, we got a little restricted last year, so I'm looking forward to a clean slate and starting the year off strong."

Kadri is coming off a 24-goal and 56-point season, about his career average. He's hoping, however, to find that magic from Colorado where he had 28 goals and 87 points.

From his words, he appears to be excited to have a new Coach that will let the Flames play a little looser.

As read on Blades of Steel - "Kadri Gives A Parting Shot To Former Coach"
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Nazem Kadri Criticizes Former Coach Darryl Sutter

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