Milan Lucic Reveals his Surprising Struggles as a Calgary Flame

Published April 16, 2023 at 1:12 PM
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Milan Lucic's stint in Calgary may not have been his most memorable, but just how rough was it? The seasoned forward has finally shed light on the challenges he faced during his time with the Flames.

Lucic Gets Real About His Struggles in Calgary


As the season drew to a close, Lucic sat down with the media to look back on his experience in Calgary. The one-time Stanley Cup winner took a deep dive into his tenure with the Flames.

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«I gotta say [the fans] made it fun for me again, and I thank the people here for that,"
Lucic expressed.

He continued,
"It wasn't fun... and it got to a point for me when it wasn't fun coming to the rink anymore and all that type of stuff," admitted Lucic. "It was tough at one point... but that's why I'm thankful and grateful to have the people around me that I've had here in Calgary."

It's not often you hear a player, who has devoted their life to hockey, admit they've considered stepping away from the sport. For Lucic, it was the unwavering backing of the Flames' fans that helped him navigate his tribulations.

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