Players Forced to Return to the Game After Referees Mistake on a Game Winning Goal

Graham Montgomery
March 9, 2024  (4:07 PM)

Buffalo Sabres players going offsides in overtime against the Edmonton Oilers
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The Buffalo Sabres thought they won in overtime today. However, the officials stepped in to deny their victory.

Sabres Overtime Goal Called Back By League-Initiated Review

Sabres defenseman Owen Power thought he had scored the overtime winner in buzzer-beater fashion today as he scored with 2 seconds left in the extra frame. Power wasn't the only one who thought this either, as both teams excepted the outcome of the game and returned to their locker rooms after the goal.
However, the officials must have gotten a call from Toronto as the league's automatic review process determined that the goal was offsides. The Oilers did not challenge the play, but as it came with less than a minute left in the period, they did not have to. This resulted in both teams being called back to the ice from their locker rooms.

Sabres Win Shootout To Complete Unusual Victory Over Edmonton Oilers

Luckily for the Sabres, the call did not have an impact on the game. With such little time left to put back on the clock for overtime, the game naturally went to a shootout. The home team scored twice in their first three attempts, leaving the game between UPL and Ryan Nugent Hopkins. The young Sabres netminder stopped him, securing the win for real this time.
The win won't help Buffalo much, but it does hurt the Oilers, who are trying to improve their position going into the playoffs. Be sure to stay tuned with the Oilers as the team continues to climb the standings heading into the postseason.