John Carlson of the Washington Capitals.
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NHL stars Charlie McAvoy and John Carlson sue over their likeness

Published April 20, 2024 at 4:01 PM

Being in the public eye is tough for many reasons, and now two top NHL stars are suing a company over the incorrect use of their likeness.

John Carlson and Charlie McAvoy are two top NHL names, and now, they are in a legal battle with a company named IF Management for the continued use of their likeness against their will.

"NEW: Star NHL Defensemen Charlie McAvoy and John Carlson sue IF Management and its owner for alleged false and unauthorized use of their NIL (name, image, likeness).

Both players are represented by Alexander Aigen for marketing. Aigen entered into an employment agreement with IF in October, 2022, but was terminated without cause in October, 2023.

Carlson and McAvoy allege IF continued to use their likenesses thereafter without permission."

According to the lawsuit, both Carlson and McAvoy wrote a letter to the company revealing that they would like to leave the company as clients, but even months later, they were still using the likeness of both players.

Beyond that, there has been a total of six complaints from the two blue liners to the company, and while they will be in action this weekend, this is something they hope to have sorted soon.

Source: Blade of Steel

Two NHL Defensemen sue company over use of their likeness
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NHL stars Charlie McAvoy and John Carlson sue over their likeness

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