Brad Marchand Goes On A Bleep Filled Rampage Against The Toronto Maple Leafs During A Recent Mic'd up Moment

Tyler Ball
March 20, 2024  (8:47)

Boston Bruins forward Brad Marchand shouting at Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman Jake McCabe during an altercation between the teams.
Photo credit: X

The Boston Bruins released their most recent episode of Behind The B. The newest episode goes behind the scenes of a fight between the Boston Bruins and Toronto Maple Leafs where Brad Marchand goes on a bleep crazy rant.

Chaos Breaks Out During Original Six Rivalry

In a game a couple of weeks ago between the Maple Leafs and Bruins the two sides had tempers flair over ending in a massive brawl. The fight began when Maple Leafs defenseman Jake McCabe shoved Brad Marchand well after play had ended.
With Marchand still on the ground the two sides came together and started yelling and shoving one another. Bruins defenseman Charlie McAvoy came to the aid of his captain and began yelling at McCabe.
McAvoy: "Hey, what are you doing!?

You're going to get suspended for that, you idiot!

You Clown!"

Once Marchand collected himself and started making his way back to the bench he too began trash talking. Except Marchand's trash talk needed to be bleeped by the production team a heck of a lot more.
"Hey! Hey! You bleep! You're gonna bleep get it! You bleep wait!"
Both of these squads are on their way to the playoffs in just over a month. With any luck, they will end up playing each other in either the first or second round. If these rivals do cross paths Marchand will have an opportunity to get his revenge on Jake McCabe and the Maple Leafs.