Zdeno Chara Makes a Surprising Announcement to Bruins Fans

Published March 20, 2023 at 6:02 PM
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In his 14 years as the Bruins' captain, Zdeno Chara never reached one specific milestone in Boston, until the present moment.

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According to Joe Haggerty of Boston Hockey Now, Big Zee will take part in the renowned Boston Marathon.

As Haggerty reports:

''Zdeno Chara, at 46 years old, will run the 26-plus-mile marathon for the first time next month. It has been a goal on the former captain's bucket list during his nearly two-decade tenure in the Hub. Chara made the announcement on his personal Instagram page, also revealing that he will run on behalf of The Hoyt Foundation and Andover's The Thomas E. Smith Foundation, which aids those living with paralysis.''

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Haggerty pointed out that Chara disclosed the news in an Instagram post on Sunday with the accompanying caption. View it below:

'EXCITING NEWS! I'm so happy to announce that I am running my very first marathon, and what better first marathon than the Boston Marathon on April 17th! Dick and Rick Hoyt made an incredible impact on millions of people worldwide and personally helped to motivate us to our 2011 Stanley Cup Championship.'

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