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Don Sweeney Reveals His Plans With Tyler Bertuzzi

Published July 2, 2023 at 10:21

End of an Era: Tyler Bertuzzi's Tenure with the Boston Bruins Concludes

The Boston Bruins, a prominent name in ice hockey, have arrived at a significant verdict concerning one of their star forwards.

The Verdict: Why Bertuzzi's Time in Boston Ended

As per a tweet from Matt Porter, Bruins' General Manager, Don Sweeney, has concluded that it's time to move on from Tyler Bertuzzi. The decision not to renew Bertuzzi's contract comes off the back of reportedly exorbitant financial expectations from the forward for the new contract.

The Impact: Bertuzzi's Absence in the Bruins Roster

The mid-season acquisition of Bertuzzi by the Bruins in the past season turned out to be a positive move, with his rough style of play resonating well with the Boston fans. His contributions to the team during his short stay were indeed noteworthy.


As we look towards how the free agency will unravel, it will be intriguing to watch where Bertuzzi lands and the financial remuneration he secures.

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Don Sweeney Reveals His Plans With Tyler Bertuzzi

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