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Boston's Bergeron Replacement Looks To Be North Of The Border

Published July 26, 2023 at 10:34

The Bruins need a first-line center to replace Patrice Bergeron and they may be able to find one currently playing for a Canadian team.

Bergeron's Longtime Impact

Yesterday, Patrice Bergeron announced his retirement from hockey after 19 years in the NHL and six Selke trophies.

He has been the Bruins first line center for over a decade and now that he has left the ice, the Bruins are looking to find somebody to fill in for him.


Bruins Look North

The Bruins in need of a first-line center are looking to a couple of Canadian teams to find their Bergeron replacement.

According to Scott Billeck, a writer for the Winnipeg Sun, the Bruins are interested in swinging a deal with the Jets or the Flames

"While moving on from Scheifele, who was attached at the hip with Wheeler for much of their time together in Winnipeg, still seems likely, it may have to wait as well. It's possible Boston could enter the picture at some point. They likely have their eyes focused on what Elias Lindholm decides in Calgary first."

Lindholm and Scheifele are two very different players. Lindholm is a 200-foot player like Bergeron and he has gotten Selke consideration previously. Scheifele on the other hand is all offense and while he is not a total defensive liability, his money is made in the offensive zone.


Both players are worth their current contracts and have only one year left on them respectively. If the Bruins can swing a deal, they will likely be giving up some of their very few prospects and some of the top picks they have available.

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Boston's Bergeron Replacement Looks To Be North Of The Border

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