Matthew Knies addresses tough situation with his hometown Coyotes

Tom Banks
April 11, 2024  (6:15 PM)

Matthew Knies of the Toronto Maple Leafs.
Photo credit: Daily Faceoff

Matthew Knies was brought up in Arizona, and with the recent news of their impending departure, he's shared his heartbreaking feelings.

It's not been made official yet by the NHL, but according to all sources, the team is set to move to Salt Lake City this summer, and while it was the right move for the NHL to make, it doesn't make it any less hard for some.
Players, their families and officials involved with the team are all effected, but so are players that grew up in the area such as a duo of Maple Leafs stars in Auston Matthews and Matthew Knies.
Now, the latter has addressed the situation, revealing how upset he is with how it has all played out.
TORONTO - Maple Leafs forward Matthew Knies lets out a sigh as he sinks into his stall following Thursday's morning skate.

Yes, the proud Phoenix native has caught wind of reports that his beloved Arizona Coyotes could be relocating to Utah as early as next season.

"Not too happy with the situation," Knies says. "It's pretty unfortunate. The Coyotes did a lot for me growing up, and I loved going to the games. It was a big reason as to why I got into hockey. But that kind of situation is out of my control. I'm hopeful that they can stay there, because it meant a lot to me, but I guess we're gonna have to see what happens."
It was highly unlikely that either Knies or Matthews would be playing for the Coyotes anytime soon, but now that possibility has been completely wiped out as the NHL look for a new start in a new market.
Source: Hockey Patrol