Unexpected Star Tops the NHL Store's Top-Selling Jersey List

Published August 8, 2023 at 2:16 PM

The numbers behind best selling jerseys are always fun to look into. They can give us great insight into where the NHL fanbase stands, and which fan bases are on top of their game supporting their teams.

The Coyotes Top The List

With so much talk of the Arizona Coyotes relocating outside of the desert, and the tiny arena they play home games in, it was a surprise to many to see one of their stars top the list for the most sold jerseys.

That playernone other than Clayton Keller.

Clayton Keller, a talented forward for the Arizona Coyotes, has quickly made a name for himself in the NHL. Known for his speed, skill, and offensive prowess, Keller's playing style is both exciting and effective, making him a key player for his team.

Top selling jersey in the NHL store 👀 Put some respect on his name @ClaytonKeller37!

Now Coyotes fans want to see the same kind of success, but on the ice.
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Unexpected Star Tops the NHL Store's Top-Selling Jersey List

Will the Arizona Coyotes make the playoffs?

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No16384 %
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