Wayne Gretzky Reveals the Unconventional Pre-Game Meal he Had Before Every Game

Published July 26, 2023 at 9:35
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Don't Doubt the Great One

Wayne Gretzky, the greatest player in NHL history, has a unique pre-game routine that sets him apart. He has achieved remarkable success and serves as an inspiration for hockey fans worldwide.

Recently, Gretzky shared one of his game day rituals, which surprised many of his fans.

Nowadays, athletes often choose light and nutritious foods like pasta before a game. However, this was not always the case!

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In the past, athletes, including Gretzky, would eat almost anything without much thought before playing.

Gretzky's Pref-Game Meals

Gretzky's pre-game meal was quite unconventional, as shown in the picture below.


"Gretzky had four hot dogs with onions, pizza, a slice of cake, and two diet cokes before every game."

One can't help but wonder how his performance would have been affected if he had followed the dietary choices of modern athletes...

As seen on House of Hockey - Wayne Gretzky's Shocking Pre-Game Meal Has Been Revealed
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