University Issues Statement After Student-Athlete And Son Of NHL GM Pushed Wheelchair Down The Stairs

Published March 15, 2023 at 2:50 PM
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A video was released online yesterday, which depicted a College hockey player pushing an empty wheelchair down a bar's staircase. The individual who posted the video accused Carson Briere, the son of Philadelphia Flyer's General Manager Daniel Briere, of being responsible for the act.

The University Just Released A Statement About The Incident

The incident happened over the weekend and has received significant criticism. The person who shared the video tagged both Carson's current hockey team and the University he attends. The backlash was so intense that the men's hockey team deactivated their Twitter account.

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The University has now issued a statement regarding the incident and has pledged to conduct an investigation. This is not the first time Carson Briere has found himself in trouble. Previously, the University cut him from the Arizona Sun Devils hockey team for reasons it described only as "detrimental conduct to the team."

Even if he's the son of a NHL GM, he could face consequences for this despicable act. Should he be suspended?

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