Team Canada Announces That it Will Ban Cale Makar Among Other Players From Representing National Teams

Published March 28, 2023 at 9:24
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Hockey Canada recently announced that all members of the 2018 Junior World Championship Team Canada, including notable players Maxime Comtois, Cale Makar, and Carter Hart, are banned from the national team until further notice.

Team Canada Issues Decision

The decision comes amid an ongoing investigation related to a widely-publicized story that has been making headlines for the past several months.

On Monday, Hockey Canada informed TSN in a statement that players from the 2018 World Junior team will be prohibited from playing for the national team until the investigation reaches its conclusion.

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DEVELOPING - Members of Canada's 2018 World Junior team are barred from playing for the national team until the completion of the investigation, as revealed in a statement from Hockey Canada to TSN on Monday.

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