Mark Messier's Hilarious Reaction to PK Subban's Explination of a Dirty Hit is going viral

Published March 8, 2023 at 10:21
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If you're a hockey fan, you probably know that PK Subban and Mark Messier are both legends of the game. While Messier has been around the block and has been providing his insight into hockey for nearly two decades, Subban is relatively new to the broadcasting game. Nonetheless, the duo together makes for some very entertaining TV.

PK Subban's Reputation as a "Dirty Player"

PK Subban, in his later career, earned a bit of a reputation for being a "dirty player." He was even referred to as "PK Slew-Ban" due to his frequent use of the slewfoot move. However, when it comes to analyzing dirty hits, Subban might not be the best source of information.

Messier's Analysis of a Dirty Hit on TJ Oshie

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In a recent segment, Mark Messier provided his analysis of a dirty hit on TJ Oshie. However, his opinion was quickly countered by Subban, resulting in a clear expression of disagreement by Messier.

The Hilarious Video

If you haven't seen the video yet, it's worth a watch. The clip shows Messier and Subban providing their respective takes on the hit, with Subban disagreeing with Messier's analysis. The resulting banter between the two is quite amusing and worth a watch.

PK Subban's Future in Broadcasting

While Subban might not be the go-to guy for analyzing dirty hits, he has a bright future in broadcasting. His personality and charisma are well-suited for the role, and he is sure to bring a fresh perspective to the game.
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