Major Sportswear Company Refuses To Do Business With the NHL

Published March 22, 2023 at 1:03 PM
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Fanatics recently secured a 10-year contract to produce NHL jerseys, much to the dismay of hockey enthusiasts. However, a recent report suggests that the situation might be even more challenging for the league.

Nike Distances Itself from the NHL

Though Nike has produced jerseys for numerous international hockey tournaments in recent years, they seem to be intentionally distancing themselves from the sport.

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In recent years, fans have become accustomed to the high-quality jerseys provided by Adidas. In contrast, Fanatics has developed a reputation for production errors and subpar quality.

While this agreement is expected to financially benefit NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman, the impact on fans remains uncertain. The quality of the jerseys they receive may be compromised. Here's hoping for a positive outcome.

As reported by Hockey Patrol - Major Sports Brand Refused to Manufacture NHL Jersey
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