Biz Breaks Down The Marcus Foligno Knee on Knee Hit On Radek Faksa

Published April 26, 2023 at 5:40 PM
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One of the most distressing injuries to witness is when players intentionally or recklessly hit each other's knees during a game. During game five between the Dallas Stars and Minnesota Wild, Marcus Foligno received a penalty for kneeing Stars forward Radek Faksa.

After reviewing the footage, the officials upgraded the minor penalty to a five-minute major and game misconduct.

In response to this, Paul Bissonnette, also known as "Biz Nasty," and the NHL Network provided their perspective on the incident, defending Foligno by stating that he was attempting to hit Faksa's shoulder rather than his knee.

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Here's video footage of the hit you judge for yourself if you think it was a five minute major or just a two minute minor.

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