Panthers and Hurricanes Make History Thursday Night

Published May 19, 2023 at 8:05

Before the Eastern and Western Conference Finals began, a lot of hockey fans were criticizing the NHL, claiming that this is the worst final four of all time.

Well, that assessment couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, after Thursday's game between the Florida Panthers and Carolina Hurricanes, if this is the series we're going to witness, count me in!

The Hurricanes struck first with a power-play goal, but the Panthers responded by scoring the next two goals. However, the Hurricanes managed to tie it up, forcing the game into overtime.

In the first overtime, the Panthers believed they had secured the victory, but upon review, the goal was disallowed due to goaltender interference.

The Florida Panthers Don't Quit

Both teams battled relentlessly, pushing the game into a thrilling quadruple-overtime showdown. Finally, with a mere 12.7 seconds left in the fourth overtime period, Matthew Tkachuk scored the winning goal.

Following the game, Tkachuk disclosed that the team had been fueling their energy by chugging Red Bulls and enjoying pizza. Ultimately, this extraordinary match became the sixth-longest game in NHL history and marked the Hurricanes' and Panthers' longest game in franchise history.

Matthew Tkachuk's Biggest Goal Of His NHL Career

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Panthers and Hurricanes Make History Thursday Night

Who's winning this series?

Hurricanes5141.1 %
Panthers7358.9 %
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