NHL All-Star Celebrity guests Michael Buble and Will Arnett at a press conference following the All-Star draft
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NHL Celebrity Guest Captain For The All-Star Game Makes Shocking Confession During Live Interview

Published February 1, 2024 at 8:20 PM
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The NHL All-Star weekend kicked off tonight with the first event, the draft. Following the draft, celebrity team captain Michael Bublé made a rather hilarious statement during an interview question about fantasy hockey.

Michael Bublé Bungles All-Star Draft By Breaking The Rules

Buble had an interesting draft as one of the celebrity team captains. At one point he appeared to forget the rules as he tried to draft Brock Boeser when his team was required to select a goalie.

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Luckily, his team happened to have consecutive picks, so they were able to get Boeser anyways with their next pick in the draft. Buble was apparently exceptionally excited to draft the Canucks forward.

However, the singer later revealed another reason for his somewhat odd behavior during the draft.

Michael Bublé Admits To Being Under The Influence In Live Interview

During an interview after the draft, Bublé was asked a question about fantasy hockey. He answered the question rather seriously at first, explaining his strategies before divulging that he was under the influence the entire time he was at the All-Star event.

The crowd was caught off guard by the answer but it was well received as they broke into laughter. Whether or not the singer was being serious is not known for certain, but based on his behavior, it would seem very plausible. Hopefully he doesn't overshare like this again or he could get himself into serious trouble with the NHL.

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