Sabres reporter reveals why the team traded Matt Savoie to the Oilers

Tyler Ball
July 6, 2024  (9:02 PM)

Former Buffalo Sabres prospect and new Edmonton Oilers prospect Matt Savoie making his NHL debut during a road game with the Buffalo Sabres.
Photo credit: Micheline Veluvolu

The Buffalo Sabres recently made a big trade sending Matt Savoie to the Edmonton Oilers for Ryan McLeod and now the reasons for the trade have been revealed.

The Buffalo Sabres are in the midst of a 13-year playoff drought. With pressure to break the streak, the Sabres have been aggressive this offseason. Their latest move involved trading Matt Savoie to the Edmonton Oilers for Ryan McLeod and Ty Tullio.
We have acquired Ryan McLeod and Tyler Tullio from the Edmonton Oilers in exchange for Matt Savoie.
Since the trade was completed there has been a ton of discourse around whether the Buffalo Sabres overpaid and why Matt Savoie was the prospect they were open to moving. Just a day after the move was made a Sabres insider shed some light on the situation.

Sabres reporter Lance Lysowski reveals why the team traded Matt Savoie

In a new segment on an Edmonton radio station reporter for the Buffalo News Lance Lysowski joined to discuss the trade. He admitted that one of the potential reasons the Sabres were willing to let go of Matt Savoie is due to his recent injuries.
"He has been injured a lot. He's had shoulder injuries and I wonder if he didn't get hurt last year after his one NHL game, if he maybe they don't trade him," Lysowski on why Sabres dealt Savoie
Matt Savoie suffered a shoulder injury during his one NHL appearance. He also had a short stint in the AHL before being sent back to the WHL. During his WHL season, he performed well but was once again injured this time while playing for Team Canada at the World Juniors.
Combine all of these things with the fact that Matt Savoie is undersized and the Sabres have a loaded prospect system and the picture becomes more clear. However, in between the injuries all Matt Savoie has done is score both during his AHL stint and when healthy in the WHL.
This trade was a necessary one for Kevyn Adams and the front office staff with pressure to win immediately. However, if Matt Savoie can stay healthy it could be one that the Sabres regret making.