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NHL insider reveals multiple teams may be sold in the near future

Published May 13, 2024 at 10:16 PM

NHL insider David Pagnotta dropped a bombshell today as he revealed that multiple NHL owners are looking to sell parts of their team, including one organization that may finalize a deal this summer.

The insider revealed this information on the Fourth Period today. As part of the announcement, he revealed that many NHL owners are actually open to the idea of selling off part of their share of their respective clubs, even if many of these owners do not actively have buyers or deals lined up. As a result, it sounds like the ownership landscape of the league may be changing in the coming years.

"I'm told a healthy chunk of NHL owners are willing to take on new minority stakeholders, with one club in the process of finalizing a deal to sell 15 percent of that specific franchise. I am not currently at liberty to divulge the team, but that deal is expected to be announced around or in June."

One team Pagnotta specifically revealed is looking to sell is the Calgary Flames. According to his report, the team is actively working on a deal that would move between 15 and 30% of the team to a new owner or owners. He also revealed that this deal is well under way and could be done by this summer.

"Another team, the Calgary Flames, are actively entertaining the possibility of selling around 15 to 30 percent of their club and have been engaged in discussions with prospective groups. At least four other clubs, that I am aware are, have been doing the same."

Fan response to this has been somewhat limited, but one fan pointed out that the Flames are in need of a new building. Perhaps this move is aimed to generate short-term funding for such a project.

David Pagnotta is reporting that the Flames are looking to sell 15-30% of the team.

It makes sense as the Flames have an aging ownership group.

Alvin Libin is 93
Allan Markin is 79
Jeff McCaig is 72

They might also be looking for an infusion of cash to help with the new arena.

Will the Flames have a new addition to the Ownership group this summer? How might this affect the organization moving forward? These are the kinds of questions Flames fans will be surely asking themselves. Hopefully we get some answers soon.

Anonymous NHL team is officially being sold per David Pagnotta
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NHL insider reveals multiple teams may be sold in the near future

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