Ryan Reaves Called Out By Veteran NHL Tough Guy For Not Fighting Him

Dawson McKenzie
October 16, 2023  (7:10 PM)

Reaves has made his mark already for the Leafs as one of the toughest in the NHL, however, this retired NHL tough guy has called him out.

Ryan Reaves Called Out For Ducking Fight Against Retired NHL Tough Guy

While Reaves might be the toughest in the NHL right now, John Scott was no softy during his time playing. The massive 6-8 defenseman wasn't afraid to go anyone during his playing years. This includes Ryan Reaves, however, it didn't end up happening.
Scott recently talked on a podcast about how Reaves dodged him during a game and ducked out of the fight when Scott did end up grabbing him.
"Well, he ducked me - he didn't want to [fight] and I finally grabbed him and he bailed out and you can tell him that... But, I think it's kind of as advertised. I know Toronto has dipped their toe in the tough waters throughout the years and tried to bring that edge, but they never went all in." - Scott on Reaves

Scott Thinks Reaves Will be Different for the Leafs than Past Tough Guys

Scott also went on to explain how he thinks bringing Reaves in will be different than other tough guys the Leafs have acquired in the past like Wayne Simmonds and Kyle Clifford.
Since the Colton Orr and Frazer McLaren days, I think they went 'we'll bring in a Kyle Clifford, we'll bring in a Wayne Simmonds... those guys are kind of tough, but this is the biggest top dog in the NHL and everybody knows it... And the good thing about Ryan Reaves is he's fast, he can get in on the forecheck, I think he's proven it the first two games, he's been laying guys out... You've gotta make yourself relevant other than just dropping the gloves, so he's good for this team.

He's a good guy. He's going to definitely make up his contract there. When he signed, I said 'Reavo, you're overpaid, how do you do it?' But I'm teasing because he does other things that nobody sees to make up for the lack of offensive production on the ice." - John Scott

Reaves has definitely made a case that he can impact the game, recording two fights in the first two games of his Leafs career. It was seemingly enough to win him the Leafs Player of the Game belt.
Ryan Reaves vs. Arber Xhekaj
Reaves vs. Foligno
7-4 vs MIN: Matthews —> Reaves
- second fighting major in two games, to spur the team
- 5 hits (led team)
- Auston had a second hat trick, but refused to keep the belt for himself
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