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BREAKING: Dominos are starting to fall as another Pro Hockey League bans fighting

Published July 6, 2023 at 2:33 PM

The Controversial Debate Over Fighting in Hockey

The sport of hockey has seen a significant surge in discussions concerning the role of fighting within the game.

There are increasing concerns that the detrimental health risks associated with it supersede the potential entertainment and drama they can bring, hence raising voices for a ban of fighting altogether.

The ECHL's Groundbreaking Decision to Limit Fighting

In a shocking development, the ECHL, an NHL-affiliated league, has broadcasted its intention to introduce significant rule modifications from the next season. The changes virtually prohibit fighting in the game.

Any player or players who enter into a fight prior to, at the drop of the puck, or immediately following any face-off during the game, will incur an automatic game misconduct penalty in addition to any other penalties assessed.

The primary objective of this rule is to eradicate fights that frequently occur at the beginning of games or immediately after faceoffs. This regulation has been quite surprising given the reputation of ECHL for its intense, rough style of play.

The league, rich in seasoned veterans and formidable fighters, finds this fighting restriction quite uncharacteristic.


A Paradigm Shift in Hockey's Stance on Fighting

However, the ECHL is not the pioneer in implementing fighting bans. As we informed earlier, the QMJHL had initiated stern penalties for players indulging in fights during the game, which was not too long ago.

The QMJHL and its stringent policies reaffirm the transformation in attitudes towards fighting in hockey.

Given this trend, it poses an intriguing possibility - it's entirely possible to envisage a future in the next decade where hockey games are completely devoid of fighting.

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BREAKING: Dominos are starting to fall as another Pro Hockey League bans fighting

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