Adam Lowry scores controversial goal after replay review

Graham Montgomery
April 21, 2024  (9:54 PM)

A picture of Adam Lowry's goal from the overhead camera, showing that the puck did in fact cross the goal line
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The Colorado Avalanche and Winnipeg Jets just played one of the most exciting playoff games in recent memory. During the game, Jets captain Adam Lowry scored a controversial goal that was confirmed after replay review.

At the time, the Jets held a 4-3 lead over the Avalanche thanks to Lowry's 2nd period goal that put the Jets ahead. This one came early in the 3rd period, but it was not obvious that it was a goal at first. In fact, as it happened live, it appeared as though the puck went off the post three times and stayed out before Cale Makar cleared it away from trouble. However, replay review showed that the puck did in fact, cross the goal line.
Lowry's awarded the goal after video review, what a close one
It was only for an instant, and it was just by a sliver, but a still frame from the overhead view does in fact show a sliver of white between the puck and the goal line, indicating a good goal.
Very close! White all around it though!
Lowry's second of the night was far from the last of the game however. The teams would continue to battle back and forth, eventually ending with a remarkable 7-6 victory for the Jets. The Avalanche made it interesting with a goal with 30 seconds left, but they were unable to find the back of the net one final time.
These teams will meet again on Tuesday for game two. Hopefully that one is just as exciting as this was one of the best playoff games in a long time.