BREAKING: Pierre Luc Dubois is on the Verge of Being Traded

Elliot Ben Jacob
June 24, 2023  (8:02 PM)

Potential Trade Between Winnipeg Jets and Los Angeles Kings

The ongoing saga of Pierre-Luc Dubois, the former third overall pick, may be approaching its climax as the Winnipeg Jets and Los Angeles Kings appear to be on the verge of striking a deal.

Dubois' Desire to Move

The LA Kings are the prospective new home for Dubois, who has explicitly expressed his desire to depart from the Winnipeg Jets.
This up-and-coming forward has successfully recorded three 60-point seasons during his initial six NHL years, with each of those seasons closely approaching a commendable 30-goal mark.

The Potential Swap: Vilardi for Dubois

Should the Kings and Jets reach a consensus on the trade, Gabe Vilardi might find himself heading the opposite direction.
Vilardi, himself a distinguished player having been the 11th overall pick, showed remarkable performance last year by scoring 23 goals and accumulating 41 points across merely 63 games for the Kings.
He continued to prosper into the playoffs against the Oilers, where he collected 4 points in a 5-game series.

The Dilemma Surrounding Dubois

However, the journey for Dubois hasn't been a smooth one. Currently a restricted free agent, Dubois seems to be on the lookout for a change for the second time in his six-year career.
The first significant move occurred 2 years ago now, when he was traded for Patrick Laine, following his request to be transferred from the Columbus Blue Jackets.
This recurring desire for relocation has made other NHL teams wary of committing to him. Their primary concern lies in his seeming inability to maintain a long lasting commitment with the teams he's played for.
Yet, Dubois has shown preference for two specific teams - the LA Kings and the Montreal Canadiens.