BREAKING: LA Kings Trade Top 4 Defensemen to Arizona

Published June 24, 2023 at 4:55 PM
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Latest Trade in NHL: Sean Durzi Moves to Arizona Coyotes

In the world of NHL, we've just received breaking news that a deal between the Arizona Coyotes and the LA Kings has been sealed.

Trade Details: Durzi Swaps for 2nd Round Pick

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In the fresh trade, Sean Durzi, an upcoming player from the Kings, will now be playing for the Coyotes. An official announcement confirms that in exchange, the Coyotes will offer a 2nd round pick in the 2024 games.

Coyotes' Gains and Durzi's Prospects

This trade appears to be a sound decision for the Coyotes, who have managed to acquire a budding defenseman, just as he enters his prime years, for a mere second round pick.

Durzi, who will be a Restricted Free Agent (RFA) next summer, is expected to demand higher pay than his current earnings. Likely foreseeing a potential budget strain, the Kings took a prudent step to trade him for a valuable pick instead.

A Win-Win Situation

Overall, it seems like a smart move by both teams. Each side secures benefits aligning with their strategies, making it a mutually beneficial agreement.

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