TJ Oshie confirms he is dealing with a career-threatening injury

Tyler Ball
April 30, 2024  (2:49 PM)

Washington Capitals TJ Oshie addressing the media at his end of year press conference.
Photo credit: Screenshot

Washington Capitals forward TJ Oshie spoke at his end of season press conference today. During his time speaking he confirmed he was dealing with multiple injuries during their Stanley Cup Playoff series against the New York Rangers.

A new interview has surfaced with TJ Oshie of the Washington Capitals that has put into doubt the future of his career. He revealed that he broke his hand during Game 3 after a hit from New York Rangers forward Matt Rempe. However, he said the pain of the broken hand was nothing compared to the pain he has dealt with in his back.
A broken hand is like a hangnail compared to what I go through (with back injuries). I'm usually on the floor peeing into water bottles. My hand just got squished a little there in the boards. No big deal.

These comments from TJ Oshie were shocking and concerning for the future of TJ Oshie and his career. Later in the interview, TJ Oshie confirmed that he is going to have his back evaluated and treated extensively before deciding on a return to hockey.
It's hard for me to ever for sure say that I'm stepping away. I'd love to play next year, but I'll need to come back with somewhat of a guarantee that my back won't beŚ it's hard putting everyone through the situation
It seems we will all have to wait likely well into the summer before we learn the NHL future of TJ Oshie. Hopefully, with the help of modern medicine, he can find a way to get his back healthy once again to enjoy his post-playing career. In a best-case scenario, we get to have one last ride from TJ Oshie in the NHL.