Elliotte Friedman shares the odds of seeing Nikita Zadorov with the Maple Leafs

Julien Trekker
June 15, 2024  (3:40 PM)

Vancouver Canucks defenseman Nikita Zadorov in a press conference.
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The renowned insider Elliotte Friedman shared the odds of seeing free agent defenseman Nikita Zadorov sign a contract with the Toronto Maple Leafs this summer.

With all the free agents on their roster, the Vancouver Canucks will have tough choices to make in the coming weeks.
Zadorov, acquired by the Canucks during the season in a trade with the Calgary Flames, has been playing well in Vancouver during the playoffs and should get a raise in his next deal.
In the latest 32 Thoughts podcast, Friedman revealed that the Canucks could have less than 50% odds of reaching a deal with Zadorov:
"I think we're going to know in the next few days if there's any hope in Zadorov. Like I said, it appears unlikely, but someone reached out to me and said that's not over yet. I would say the odds are less than fifty percent, but someone reached out to me and said it's not over yet. They told me it might be over soon, but it's not over yet."
Zadorov would like to stay in Vancouver, but he also wants a nice contract. The Canucks are set to make him a final offer, according to reporter Rick Dhaliwal:
"A final offer is coming to Zadorov soon. The player and his agent, Dan Milstein, would love to re-sign in Vancouver. This is strictly about money. It's a tough contract to do because he's going to get a big raise and he's going to want term... He's left-handed. If he was right-handed, I'm telling you, he would have been signed months ago."
If Zadorov ends up available in free agency, Treliving, who signed the defenseman with the Flames back in 2022, will likely make him an offer.
Do you think the Toronto Maple Leafs will sign Nikita Zadorov this summer?