Maple Leafs Top Prospect May Not Join Team After All

Published April 6, 2023 at 6:47 PM
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The Toronto Maple Leafs currently boast one of the most dynamic offensive lineups in the NHL, backed up by a solid group of talented prospects, including forward Matthew Knies.

Knies' Future Uncertain

The Leafs landed a steal when they drafted Knies in the 2021 NHL draft, selecting him in the 2nd round as the 5th overall pick. Since then, Knies' value has only gone up, with several teams reaching out to the Leafs about acquiring him. The Arizona Coyotes even tried to secure Knies as part of a trade involving Jakob Chychrun.

However, Leafs General Manager Kyle Dubas may have missed an opportunity by not trading Knies, as the young forward has yet to commit to the team. In a recent interview with, Knies shared his thoughts on the matter:

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"The Maple Leafs have been in good communication with me. They've obviously been very professional about it and they've given me my space to let me focus on being here. I haven't really thought so much about it and I think once the season really ends, I can sit back down with them and weigh the pros and the cons."

This uncertainty is a cause for concern among Leafs Nation, as Knies is the Leafs' top prospect. There is always the risk that he could follow the path of other players who, after being drafted by a team, decline to join and eventually move on to where they truly want to play.

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