Maple Leafs Fans Call for New Goal Song

Published August 20, 2023 at 10:43

The Toronto Maple Leafs have been celebrating their goals with Hall & Oates' iconic track "You Make My Dreams Come True" since 2018. But after half a decade of hearing the same tune, some Leafs fans - and even a player or two - are craving something new.

Time for a Change?

Maple Leafs star player Auston Matthews is among those who wouldn't mind a fresh goal song.

"I wouldn't mind hearing something different, maybe switching it up," Matthews told Tim Micallef in September 2022.

"Just change it up, switch it up. See if we can get something else going, and go on a nice little run. I'm always open to change, but if they want to stick with the same one too, I'm fine as well."

New Goal Song Suggestions

With WWE wrestler Edge having his final match earlier this week, some fans have suggested that the Leafs could adopt his walk-out song as their new goal anthem.

But that's not the only suggestion out there. Nick Barden from The Hockey News has thrown out a couple of other potential replacements. One is a song by none other than Justin Bieber, another notable Leafs fan:

And the other is a hit from Arkells:

What song would you like to hear when the Leafs score?

Let us know in the comments!

As seen on Hockey Patrol - Leafs Fans Calling For New Goal Song And It Looks Like They Might Have Found One
August 20   |   48 answers
Maple Leafs Fans Call for New Goal Song

What would you like to hear when the Leafs score?

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