Fan Proposes Huge Changes to Leafs Roster in Free Agency

Wade Messier
June 3, 2023  (2:00 PM)

The Toronto Maple Leafs are getting ready for an exciting offseason, but they have some tough decisions to make. Their general manager, Brad Treliving, and his team have to figure out the best way to improve the team's potential.

New Faces

One of the Leafs' main challenges is that several players, including Michael Bunting, might leave in free agency. To fill these gaps while still having enough money to spend, the Leafs could consider getting rid of expensive contracts like TJ Brodie and Matt Murray.
If they let go of Brodie and Murray, the Leafs could free up a significant amount of money, around $9.6 million, to spend on new players. They could find replacements for Bunting and Brodie in the free agency market via Tyler Bertuzzi and Damon Severson. And luckily, they have a promising young goalie in Joseph Woll who can step in for Murray.
Even after taking care of their roster needs, the Leafs would still have a good amount of money, about $16 million, to use. Some might suggest using it to get another top player before the trade deadline, but it might be smarter for Treliving to keep that money saved up.

Save For the Future

Looking ahead, the Leafs have to prepare for the big contracts they will need to give to Auston Matthews and William Nylander next year. These contracts could cost more than $20 million in total, which puts a lot of pressure on the team's salary cap. That's why Treliving and the Leafs need to be careful with their spending to make sure they can keep their best players.
In conclusion, the Leafs are about to have a really interesting offseason. By managing their money wisely and making smart moves, Treliving and his team can navigate this tricky situation and set the Leafs up for success in the future.
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