Dubas and the Penguins looking to acquire disgruntled star goalie

Julien Trekker
June 3, 2023  (12:34)

The Penguins are in a tough spot with their goaltending, but they're hoping to solve the problem by making a big move. Kyle Dubas is considering going after a superstar goalie.

Dubas and the Penguins looking to acquire disgruntled star goalie

John Gibson is a goalie from Pittsburgh who is very talented and takes a lot of pride in his hometown. He became a starting goalie in the NHL and showed off his exceptional skills when his team was doing well.
Gibson is not happy with the Ducks, where he has made it clear that he doesn't want to keep facing a lot of shots every game. Last season, he struggled with saving goals and had the highest number of goals scored against him in the NHL. But he also made the most saves in the league.

What makes this situation interesting for Pittsburgh is that Gibson is a top-tier goalie when he's not constantly under pressure. His past achievements, like winning the Jennings Trophy in 2015-16 and having several seasons with a save percentage above .920, show how talented he is.

What Pittsburgh Can Offer

If Pittsburgh wants to get Gibson, they would likely have to give up some draft picks. Unfortunately, they don't have a lot of promising young players to offer. Another possibility could be trading their top goalie prospect, Joel Blomqvist, who could be ready to play in the NHL as early as 2024.
Here's the trade scenario:
To Pittsburgh: John Gibson ($1 million of his salary paid by Anaheim)
To Anaheim: 2023 14th overall draft pick, Samuel Poulin, Joel Blomqvist.
Gibson could be the missing piece for the Pens to win another Stanley Cup before Crosby, Malkin and Letang are gone.