Breaking: Friedman Reveals Shocking Development for Ilya Samsonov's Arbitration Filing

Published July 19, 2023 at 9:50
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We finally have news for Samsonov's arbitration hearing on July 21st.

The Numbers are Revealed

Elliotte Friedman reported that the Leafs have offered him $2.4 million, but Samsonov wants $4.9 million, which is a lot more!

"Arbitration filings in for Ilya Samsonov (TOR). Team: $2.4M; player $4.9M."

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Both parties can still try to reach an agreement together before the hearing, but time is running out, and if they can't agree, someone else will make the decision.

More updates will follow as we get closer to the hearing.

As seen on Hockey Patrol - BREAKING: Maple Leafs and Samsonov's Shocking Arbitration Filing Revealed
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