Auston Matthews' Projected Contract Causes a Stir

Julien Trekker
June 21, 2023  (11:51)

Matthews About to Cash In

It's clear that Auston Matthews is about to receive a huge amount of money. Everyone is focused on Brad Treliving, the new General Manager, who has the challenging task of satisfying both his star player and his bosses. The stakes are high: Matthews could potentially sign the biggest contract in NHL history.
Matthews' No-Movement Clause will become active on July 1st, so Treliving is under pressure to act quickly.

Experts' Estimations

In a recent article on The Athletic, Dom Luszczyszyn gave an estimate of what Matthews' upcoming contract might look like, and the numbers are astonishing.
"Historically, the figures could have been close to $12.5 million, akin to the deal MacKinnon recently signed, parallel to McDavid's. But it's not fitting to pigeonhole Matthews to this old number. Players should be compensated in line with their value relative to the booming salary cap, not according to an arbitrary limit based on a six-year-old contract.

For the coming five years, Matthews is predicted to represent about 17-to-19 percent of the salary cap. Comparable to Crosby and Ovechkin in their prime.

In the context of 2023-24, that would translate to an annual figure of $14.2 million to $15.9 million.
For 2024-25, when Matthews' new contract would take effect, the range is $14.9 million to $16.6 million per annum. For 2025-26, the figure rises to between $15.6 million to $17.5 million annually."

Considering that Matthews' contract will begin in 2024, experts predict that he will earn between $14.9 million and $16.6 million, surpassing all other NHL players.
Given these huge numbers, there is no doubt that the Leafs will expect Matthews to bring the Stanley Cup to Toronto.
Do you think Matthews is worth that much?