James Reimer Throws Nazem Kadri Under the Bus Amidst Pride Controversy

Published March 19, 2023 at 4:01 PM
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James Reimer has recently stirred up controversy with his refusal to wear a pride jersey, citing religious reasons for his decision.

Reimer Throws Nazem Kadri Under the Bus

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Fans are disappointed by Reimer's persistence in defending his decision, particularly when he brought up former Leafs player Nazem Kadri:

"In Toronto, Nazem Kadri as a teammate, loved him to death. I don't know exactly the extent of his faith, his Muslim faith. But he's a Muslim. I think you could talk to him and ask him if I treated him any different. I love him. I competed with him on the ice, we joked around, we did life together. And yet, people would understand if I wouldn't be able to wear a Muslim jersey in warmups, promoting the Muslim faith, being a Christian and a follower in Christ. He himself would fully understand that."

Many fans are upset that Reimer involved Kadri in the argument, claiming that Kadri has already faced enough harassment due to his faith, and accusing Reimer of attempting to deflect the anger towards the former Leafs player.

Having already lost a considerable number of fans due to his refusal to apologize, it remains to be seen whether Reimer will change his stance or continue to resist apologizing.

As reported by Hockey Patrol - James Reimer Tastelessly Throws Nazem Kadri Under the Bus
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