Daniel Briere Criticizes Hockey Canada's Handling of the World Juniors Investigation

Elliot Ben Jacob
September 20, 2023  (1:34 PM)

Philadelphia Flyers' GM Briere Concerned About Lingering Investigation

As the General Manager of the Philadelphia Flyers, Daniel Briere has been actively working to elevate his team during this offseason. However, there is a pressing issue casting a shadow over the forthcoming plans in Philadelphia.

Continuous Scrutiny on the 2018 World Junior Team

Despite clinching a gold medal, the 2018 World Junior Team finds themselves embroiled in a scandal, which is currently under investigation. The NHL has hinted at an impending resolution, yet the names of the players implicated remain undisclosed.
Carter Hart, a member of the 2018 team, has found himself amidst speculation surrounding possible involvement in the scandal. Although nothing has been confirmed, the Philadelphia Flyers, along with other NHL teams, find themselves in a precarious position.
The potential suspension of Hart or any other implicated NHL players could lead to significant gaps in the team line-ups.

Frustration Escalates as Briere Criticizes Hockey Canada's Investigation Delays

The slow progress of the investigation has led to growing frustration among fans and media who are keen to see accountability established. Daniel Briere, sharing this frustration, has voiced concerns over the delays in the investigation by Hockey Canada.
Briere on the pending Hockey Canada investigation:

"We've asked but we don't know much. We're not being told much. They're still investigating. I have no clue. I thought something would have been done by the summer.

We're like everybody else. We're waiting to see what happens."

Briere emphasizes the urgency of resolving the investigation. Once the involved individuals are identified, appropriate actions can be taken—penalizing those responsible and exonerating those who are found innocent, allowing them to resume their normal lives.
It is crucial for the NHL to expedite this process effectively, to prevent the scandal from pulling attention away from the achievements of upright players as the new season commences.